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ABCs of Touring 2018 results

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The results are in, and we have clear winners of the 2018 ABCs of Touring contest...

Congratulations to Malcolm and Lorraine Seedhouse from the UK! It was close-run contest but Malcolm and Lorraine proved to be clear winners with fantastic scores of 224 and 221 respectively, with Dolf De Wit from the Netherlands coming in third.

Malcolm and Lorraine explain about some of the many amazing adventures they had while taking part in the ABCs of Touring:
"Winning the ABCs of Touring contest wrapped up an amazing 2018 for us, having covered more than 20,000 miles. It is always great to get out and about riding our Harley-Davidson, if ever we need a reason to. Visiting a variety of places we have never been to before and meeting so many Harley-Davidson enthusiasts along the way. People are always interested to know what we are doing, how it all works and we love being able to share our journey.

We were lucky enough to participate in the 115th Anniversary rallies in Prague and Milwaukee meeting with the Davidson family at both events, this has got to be a unique life memory. Meeting up with friends, who were also participating in the contest, and touring in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany added to our incredible experience. 

Being able to spend 17 days touring in the USA, visiting numerous dealerships and crossing 20 State lines covering 4,500 miles, and visiting the 8th Wonder of the World, Niagara Falls, was an awesome adventure which we probably wouldn’t have done if not for the ABCs of Touring. Attending several rallies in the UK meant that extra points were earned but more importantly more friends were made.

We would encourage everyone to participate in this contest as it is so easy when visiting anywhere to snap a photo and then post onto the H.O.G. site contest page. With a little planning further points are achievable and all of this adds to the fun, excitement and experience of being out and about on our beloved Harleys. As a bonus everyone participating receives a pin and patch, achieving a minimum of 26 points will mean that you also receive a €25 gift voucher, 52 points or more receives a €50 gift voucher both redeemable at

Any Body Can."

Well done to everyone who took part in 2018, and if you fancy taking up the challenge and potentially winning some amazing Harley-Davidson prizes, here’s how to find out more and sign up:

• Sign into your profile at
• Hover over the ‘MEMBERSHIP’ tab at the top of the page, and select ‘Benefits’
• Select ‘ABCs of Touring’ from the list, and then ‘Learn more’.

224 United Kingdom Malcolm Seedhouse
221 United Kingdom Lorraine Seedhouse
200 Netherlands Dolf De Wit
192 United Kingdom Daniel Barron
169 United Kingdom Charmaine Till
164 South Africa Corrie Van Rensburg
152 Switzerland Pierre-Alain Schule
152 South Africa Meisie  Van Rensburg
148 Switzerland Chantal Schule
136 Germany Axel Schneider
135 Netherlands M G Smoorenburg-Davina
135 Germany Ulrich Hansmann
119 Germany Matthias Peters
116 Germany Andrè Micheel
114 United Kingdom David Hollis
112 Spain Jose Antonio Galvez Prieto
111 United Kingdom Robin Seymour
105 United Kingdom Genevieve Ryan
105 Netherlands Eric Grosse Hamberg
102 Germany Dirk Musstopt
100 Italy Luca Cattaneo
97 United Kingdom Pete Harris
86 Netherlands Theo Kindts
85 Germany Joochim Kronke
83 Italy Gianfranco Carubelli
80 Germany Frank Grell
80 Germany Ramona Grell
69 Belgium Jean Claude Duhamel
69 Germany Christian Faltinrk
68 Germany Heidi Faltinek
67 Germany Matthias Claudius Prosch
66 Germany Stephanie Will
64 Belgium Martin Harvey
61 Belgium Karen Harvey
61 South Africa Fred Van Wyk
59 United Kingdom Neil Bartlett
59 Germany Arno Meissner
59 Netherlands Sandor van de Louw
58 United Kingdom Martin Wild
57 Germany Ulrich Van De Weyer
55 United Kingdom Neil McLeod
55 Germany Antje Kramer
55 Germany Christian Schliter
54 Belgium Steven Dekein
54 Italy Andrea Giordano
53 Italy Alessandro Navarrini
53 United Kingdom Francis Mc Gregor
46 Germany Rolf Rabe
43 South Africa Hermien Van Zyl
40 Germany Klaus  Koop
40 Germany Ruth Seehase
39 South Africa Jonty Marais
36 Germany Andreas Schulz
36 Germany Peter Wittbrodt
34 Germany Heiko Nehrkorn
34 South Africa Anna Van Wyk
31 United Kingdom robert bint
31 United Kingdom julia bint
30 United Kingdom Ian Keen
30 United Kingdom Anthony Graham
30 Netherlands Erik Bouw
28 Netherlands Peggy Kindts
26 United Kingdom Ceri Lowen
26 United Kingdom Christopher Lowen
25 Netherlands Chantal De Boer
25 Spain Xavier Valbuena Hernandez
24 United Kingdom Michael Noakes
23 Spain Juan Guzman Lopez
23 Spain Marta Torrellas Iglesias
22 United Kingdom Hamish Rogers
21 Germany Friedrich Alexander Neumann
21 Germany Sebastian Wittbrodt
20 Germany Klaus Peter Santt
19 Germany Rainer Hummel
17 Germany Karsten Schosstag
16 United Kingdom Deep Chabria
16 United Kingdom Justin Prins
16 United Kingdom Charmaine Parson
15 United Kingdom David Haydon
14 Germany Markus Lang
14 Germany Manuel Franke
12 Poland Bartosz Bialkowski
10 United Kingdom Alexandra Oliver
9 United Kingdom Stewart Willox
7 Italy Emiliano Pizzamiglio
5 United Kingdom Gary Richards
2 United Kingdom Peter Eames
1 France Serge Florent
1 France Michel Collin
1 United Kingdom Paul Antony Short
0 Czech Republic Radek Kriegler
0 United Kingdom Andrew Noakes
0 Saudi Arabia Hassan Alabdali
0 Spain marcelo fernandes
0 United Kingdom Anthony Winter
0 Ireland Adriano Bagni
0 Spain Ingrid Daniel Ortiz
0 Saudi Arabia Fuhaid Ahmed
0 Germany Reinhard Herz
0 France Alain Bonamy
0 Germany Reto Gantenbein


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